Jordan Betten

American abstract / abstract expressionist Miami

Jordan Betten is an American artist whose creative career encompasses painting, sculpture and design.

Known for his unique application and use of colors, Betten’s art captures the feeling of freedom and strength. Inspired by the marks and shapes of urban settings, he infuses his love of the street with a sophistication and modernism. He overlaps his oil paint with oil sticks and pencils, adding abstract symbols, and signs. His works are fluid, lyrical and chaotic, infused with a sense of balance.

Betten’s sculptures are extensions of his life using what he can recycle from his painting practice. The sculptures are abstractions made of materials such as wire, wooden sticks, paint jars and canvas. He often combines these materials into his paintings creating a hybrid painting sculpture. All of the works share a raw visceral energy combined with sophistication and finesse.

The founder of Lost Art, an art and design brand, Betten spent twenty years designing and making one-of-a-kind pieces from leather and other natural materials. His works are coveted by rock stars and receive international press coverage. Betten’s collaborations have included clothing and accessories for Lenny Kravitz and costumes and wings for the Victoria’s Secret fashion shows.

Betten currently lives in Miami, where his paintings have been exhibited with Faena Arts and Goldman Global Arts. His paintings are collected by Alan Faena, Ximena Caminos and Jessica Goldman.

Betten’s work has been exhibited in galleries and museums worldwide, including The Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC and The Victoria & Albert Museum London.

2016 The Originals Art Basel Miami 2016 Goldman Global Arts Gallery

2017 HumanKind ArtBasel Miami Goldman Global Arts Gallery

2017 AirX Casa Faena Hotel, Faena Arts, Art Basel Miami

2018 Beyond Words Art Basel Miami Goldman Global Arts Gallery

2019 The Divine, Faena Bazaar, Faena Hotel Miami

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Jordan Betten with Native Air I and Native Air II
Jordan Betten with ReWired Wall paintings collection
Jordan Betten Rasta-Red-Studio